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​​​Fall 2016 15's Practice

Practice for our 2016 Fall 15's season have begun.

Formal practices are Tuesday/Thursday from 7-9pm at the American Legion in Towson.

Practice Locations

Our fall practices will be held at the American Legion of Towson located at 125 York Road, Towson MD. The parking lot for the field is located behind Dunkin Donuts and Papa Johns.  These will start at 7:00pm sharp, and run until approximately 9:00pm. Practice locations vary each season depending on availability. Team captains will provide any updates on practice location changes.

Standard Practice

Arrive 15 minutes early to make sure you are ready to warm up at 7:00pm sharp. Captains will run the team through a dynamic warmup. Coaches will then run the team through drills that cover a wide range of rugby skills like ball handling, tackling and rucking, scrums, set plays, dynamic play, and lineouts. We usually end practices with scrimmage play or touch to enforce what we've learned and strengthen our ability to work together in game situations. 

We practice in a variety of conditions, including rain and a range of temperatures. If practice is cancelled an email will go out in advance letting players know. It is critical as a player that you make practices whenever possible. Coaches take attendance and it is factored into playing time. Also, practice will simply make you a better player, and that's what it's all about.


Dress appropriately (layers) and bring a bright and dark shirt to each practice for scrimmages. Rugby shorts, a mouth guard, and boots (cleats) are necessary to participate in practice. For Rookies please work with your captains and they will help you get equipped.

Member Dues

Currently, active member dues are $75 for vets and $60 for rookies per season, (fall and spring) and $20 for summer 7's. Member dues go toward all the costs of running the team, such as: field space, referee fees, equipment, and tournaments.  You now have the option to pay for dues online. Click here to direct you to PayPal. Dues should be sent to chesapeakewrfc@gmail.com with a note indicating the payment is for membership dues.

Never Played Before?

Most players who come out to our team are brand new to the sport. Don't be deterred if you have not ever played rugby before! We love welcoming new rookies to the team, and we will happily teach you everything you need to know about the sport we love! Here is a brief rookie 101 to give you some basic overviews and a glimpse of the sport!